For Schools & Educators


Letters Bookshop is proud to work with schools, teachers, librarians, administrators, and other educators in Durham and throught the Triangle. See below for more details about school orders, registries, and teacher/educator appreciation.


School/Classroom Orders


We offer a 21% discount on most books that are for K-12 school/classroom use, whether you're shopping in-person or placing a special order for multiple books or for specific books. We also offer many other benefits, such as:


  • Ability to deliver throughout the Triangle
  • Quick turnaround - most special orders can be completed in less than 2 weeks
  • Support of the local community - we're locally owned and give back as much as we can to Durham and the Triangle
  • A personal touch - our staff is small, so you'll always know who's in charge
  • Plenty of book knowledge - we're experts in all aspects of the book industry


No order is too big or too small!


To receive a quote or further information, give us a call at 919-973-2573 or email us at [email protected]. To receive the school/classroom use discount while shopping in-person, just let us know you're shopping for your school/classroom when you're ready to check out.




Registries are a great way for schools, teachers, librarians, administrators, and other educators to request book donations from the community and fill classroom and school libraries. Because we're an affiliate of, you can quickly and easily create a registry on their site that helps you get the books you need while supporting our shop.


Visit's wishlists and registries page to set up a registry. You'll have the option to search for and link us as the bookshop/"affiliate" you'd like to support during the setup proces.


Teacher Appreciation


K-12 teachers, librarians, administrators, and other educators receive a 10% discount on books for personal use every day in our shop. Just let us know when you're ready to check out.